• Are you tired of the annoying insurance?

  • Your bank adviser means that you absolutely need a 3a account?

  • You do not know exactly what? As? Where? is insured and has no desire to deal with this paperwork?

  • You see too many suppliers and too many products, but do not really have a plan that suits you?

  • You do not know how to create, and therefore you have a savings account at your bank with almost 0% interest?

Do not be put off! Our service offers you the appropriate solution. We always advise and support our customers directly through our financial analysis and only optimize what is needed. With our app "myCashflow", you always know what? As? Where? is insured and avoid the paper war.

Compare & Cashflow GmbH is looking for the optimal product from you which fits to you through its co-operation with the suppliers. We will show you how easy and safe you can invest your money and thus also generate the return you are entitled to.