About us

Compare & Cashflow GmbH is a neutral and independent service provider in the financial and insurance sector and is subject to financial market supervision.

The company is composed of 2 main components.


Today our market is too saturated with the many offers offered by banks, insurance companies, credit companies and financial institutions. But to find the ideal product that needs to be compared to a must be compared. "Compare" means not only comparing the price, but also the quality, serviceability as well as the technical facts must be compared. Compare & Cashflow GmbH takes this task for its customers by analyzing their products precisely by means of co-operation with these many stakeholders and by distributing the information to their customers. The competence to analyze the various products is ensured by the experience and training of our partners as well as by the financial associations (VBV, SVV, SVVIASFBV, FPVS, SIBA, Swiss Banking).


Everyone has their dreams, desires and goals which he has fixed in his life. Everyone has their dreams, desires and goals which he has fixed in his life. Be it in his childhood, in youth or as a family founder. But to achieve these dreams and goals, we need money. We earn money so we can lead our lives.

We pay the rent so we have a roof over the head, insurances so that in life we ​​are assured of sudden risks, taxes so we can afford roads. But unfortunately, the truth is that our money is not enough to fulfill our dreams, as the cost of our money is eaten away. That our money on itself doubled or tripled is very unlikely. The interest on the bank is so low that this does not really bring something to meet our desires. Everyone must have the opportunity to get his dream car, his dream home. Comparison & Cashflow GmbH is committed to the goal that everyone should achieve their money flow. This is achieved by saving costs and ensuring a secure return for better returns. In addition, our app "myCashflow" should provide a simple, reliable and consistent overview as well as administration for our customers.

As a bridge builder between comparisons and cash flow, Compare & Cashflow GmbH is in the interface to directly find with their customers, the products that match them and generate more money as output. In addition, Compare & Cashflow GmbH supports your customers with the help of their infoproducts, simplifying important financial knowledge and applying it in everyday life.